Security vulnerability - Zoom video conferencing software (MacOS)


Published: 16Jul2019

If you have ever organized or participated in video conferences or webinars hosted with Zoom software, you should be aware of a vulnerability that was recently detected that affects MacOS users.  The vulnerability can allow a remote attacker to force you to join a Zoom call, with your video camera activated, without your permission.

When you participate in video conferences hosted by Zoom (typically by clicking a URL in an email invitation from a meeting host) a piece of software is installed on your computer. Your machine remains vulnerable even if the Zoom Client was installed in the past and then uninstalled.

Both Zoom and Apple have issued patches for these vulnerabilities and all users and IT Systems Administrators are strongly advised to update to the latest version immediately.

It is very important to keep all operating systems and software up-to-date in order to reduce the risk presented by this and other critical security vulnerabilities.