Second Schwartz Rounds Success! A Time for Collective Healing

Published: 2 March 2023

We welcomed over 120 participants to our 2nd Schwartz Rounds on Feb 14th, 2023. The theme was: The Intersection of Faculty and Learner Well-Being

Panelists Dr. Clara Long (R1), Mr. Paul Kennedy (Unit Coordinator, MGH), and Dr. Ning-Zi Sun offered diverse perspectives on the topic. A rich and engaged discussion followed whereby participants stressed the importance of expectations for both faculty and trainees. Communication between faculty and trainees is key to wellness as is teamwork for all members working together for a common goal.

Feedback and comments from the post-rounds survey revealed that:

  1. Most agreed that attending Schwartz Rounds make them feel like the organization cares about their wellbeing
  2. Attending Schwartz Rounds helped participants to feel more connected to colleagues
  3. These rounds provide an opportunity to reflect/reconnect with sense of purpose
  4. Participants felt supported in the inherent challenges working in health care
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