Robert Nason, Associate Professor of Strategy & Organization, awarded William Dawson Scholar


Published: 16Jun2021

Professor Robert Nason’s research program centers on entrepreneurship and inequality. While flashy startups dominate headlines, the reality is that most of the rich are entrepreneurs and most entrepreneurs are poor. His research investigates a broader range of entrepreneurial activity in contexts of wealth and poverty with three primary objectives: i) bring social issues related to inequality into mainstream management theory, ii) generate new theory to explain entrepreneurial phenomena in the extremes of the wealth hierarchy, and iii) develop knowledge that will have social impact.

Professor Nason advances this ambitious research agenda through diverse theoretical and empirical tools, but is particularly focused on co-creating knowledge through collaboration with non-governmental organizations. His research program aims to bring attention to the more diverse reality of the phenomenon of entrepreneurship and aspires to help address grand challenges associated with inequality and sustainability.

About the award

The William Dawson Scholar award recognizes outstanding researchers across McGill University. The award recognizes emerging scholars who are nationally recognized as exceptional researchers and innovators in their discipline and who have demonstrated potential to develop into a researcher of world-class caliber who is poised to become a leader in his or her field.

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