From Rhetoric to Reality: Bridging the Gap in Indigenous Justice Initiatives | Policy Magazine

Published: 5 September 2023

Can the Liberal government’s Indigenous Justice Strategy catalyze a new era of transformative reconciliation? The ball is in Justice Minister Arif Virani’s court.

Recent MPP graduate and Policy Contributing Writer Aftab Ahmed wrote about bridging the gap in the Indigenous justice initiatives and highlighted the timeline of the development of the Indigenous Justice Strategy. The IJS features a five-step approach that involves building partnerships, assessing community needs, developing and implementing necessary programs, monitoring and evaluating outcomes, and building capacity.  

"From its inception, the IJS has endeavoured to propel restorative justice principles forward, address the high incarceration rates plaguing Indigenous communities and reinvigorate Indigenous legal traditions." says Aftab. 

In light of the IJS and the ongoing efforts towards reconciliation, how does Trudeau’s new minister of justice and attorney general, Arif Virani, envision the future of the Indian Act and its compatibility with advancing Indigenous legal structures?

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