Research Study: Exploring the Exercise-Body Image Relationship in Women Aged 45-75 (REB #: 153-0919)

Published: 19 July 2021

Exploring the exercise-body image relationship in women aged 45-75 years:
A cross-sectional study

Research group is looking for volunteers to take part in a research study that explores the role of exercise in managing body image and health behaviours in women aged 45-75 years.

Participation involves completion of a self-administered anonymous survey using the web-based Lime Survey platform, which will take approx. 25-30 minutes of your time. Your participation in this research is completely voluntary. The research participant recruitment is looking for professors and staff members in the Faculty of Education (KPE, DISE, ECP) within the McGill Community.

For more information about this study, please contact: gibbslab.kpe [at] (Gibbs Lab Study Coordinator). This study has received ethics clearance through the McGill University Research Ethics Board (REB #: 153-0919).



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