Rapid and simple analytical device of soil particle proportions


Published: 12Aug2020

Invention 17063

Rapid and simple analytical device of soil particle proportions


Inexpensive soil particle analysis system and device with applications in agricultural planting efficiency and field evaluation.


Market Need

Soil particle analyzers determine the size of particles present, primarily concentrating on the proportions of silt, clay, and sand. The composition of soil is important as it influences how quickly water travels through soil and the amount of water the soil retains. Current soil particle analysis is primarily done in commercial labs by methods that either require substantial labor or costly equipment. With precision agriculture expanding, there is a growing demand for inexpensive equipment and potentially even end users setting up mini laboratories on site.


Technology Summary

Unlike other systems, this technology uses specialized techniques to measure the percentage of specific particles without the need for machine calibration. By means of a digital microscope, the air-dried samples are instantly analyzed with results comparable in accuracy to those of traditional commercial laboratories. As the developed image analysis method embedded into the system does not require calibration, this process is robust and easily adoptable by end users. Due to lower cost of soil analysis, farmers will be able to collect samples at different times during planting to better understand the effect harvesting or seeding could have on soil composition.



  • Analyzes the concentration of soil particles without the need for calibration
  • Inexpensive and simple method to analyze soil composition without dependence on central reference laboratories
  • Accuracy comparable to traditional commercial laboratory techniques
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