Professor Kartik Ganju awarded 2019 SSHRC Insight Development Grant

Published: 9 October 2019

Kartik Ganju, Assistant Professor in Information Systems, awarded 2019 SSHRC Insight Development Grant

Does Information Technology lead to Longer or Shorter Tenures for Physicians at Hospitals? An Empirical Study

The Canadian healthcare system currently faces an acute shortage of physicians leading to citizens without family doctors and long wait times for appointments. Thus, it is critical to identify any intervention that could lead to a departure of physicians from the practice of medicine. While the last decade has seen a rapid adoption of healthcare Information Technology (IT), any impacts that these systems have on physicians altering their careers or departing the practice is unknown. This SSHRC funded research investigates:

  • How the implementation of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems (a form of IT) leads to physicians extending their tenure at hospitals or aborting practice at these hospitals prematurely.
  • The moderating impacts of factors such as complexity of the IT system, age of the physician, degree of firm specific skills on the physician’s decision to depart the hospital.


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