Prof Roh awarded FRQSC New Academics Grant

Published: 5 May 2023

Congratulations to Yongoh Roh, Assistant Professor in Accounting, who has been awarded the 2023-2024 FRQSC New Academics Grant (Soutien à la recherche pour la relève professorale)

“Concurrence sur le marché du travail et politique de divulgation de renseignements par les sociétés”
(“Labor Market Competition and Corporate Disclosure Policy”)

Yongoh Roh

When a company decides whether or not to share information, it is often based on the competition in the markets where it does business. While many prior studies have focused on the impact of the capital and product markets on a company's decision to share information, modern firms face additional competitive pressures from other markets. In particular, the labor market has become increasingly important for modern companies as competition for employees has become more intense in recent years. This is especially true as the economy has shifted from manufacturing to service industries, which rely heavily on labor. However, there is a lack of research on how labor market competition affects a company's decision to share information. This project aims to fill this gap by examining how companies adjust their public disclosure practices when they face fierce competition for employees in local labor markets. This project will advance our understanding of what drives companies to disclose favorable information.




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