Phishing scam: "Action Required! Notice of Expulsion"


Published: 14Dec2018

Watch out for emails with title's, such as "Action Required! Notice of Expulsion" and instructions to "open the shared document" . These types of emails appear to notify you of a document that is being shared with you from a file sharing service. Don't be fooled, especially when the title suggests urgent action.

If you receive this type of message, DO NOT click on any of the links within. Delete this email immediately!

This email is a fraudulent attempt to gain access to your personal information. If you have already clicked on the link in this email and submitted any personal information (McGill Username and Password), you should change your McGill Password as soon as possible. See the McGill Password Reset Checklist for instructions.

If you have received a phishing email or suspect that you have, please send a message to phishing [at] (subject: Report%20a%20phishing%20scam, body: Attach%20the%20suspicious%20email%20to%20this%20message.) with the suspicious email as an attachment.

Tip when sharing files:

When you share documents from OneDrive or other cloud file sharing services, be sure to write a detailed message so that recipients know it is legitimate. You may also want to follow up with those recipients so that they will expect to receive a shared document from you.

Quick links to stay secure: