Participate in a Research Study on Bone Health & Exercise Behaviours in Diabetes

Published: 25 March 2024

Looking for adults aged 50 and above diagnosed with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes to participate in a research study.

Participation involves one audio-recorded interview conducted via Microsoft Teams or by phone.

The study aims to identify preferences, information needs, and perceived barriers related to exercise for the management of bone health in older adults with diabetes. Adults over 50 with diabetes are often unaware of their increased risk of bone fractures, which can lead to disability, hospitalization, and significant healthcare costs.

By participating, individuals can contribute to the development of a person-centered bone health and exercise education program, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for older adults with diabetes.

Interested individuals can contact gibbslab.kpe [at] (subject: Research%20Study%20on%20Bone%20Health%20%26%20Exercise%20Behaviours%20in%20Diabetes) (Gibbs Lab at McGill University) by email or call 514-399-9627 to schedule an interview and be part of this important research project.

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