otipêyimsiw-iskwêwak kihci-kîsikohk (Métis in Space) Live Show at McGill!


Molly Swain and Chelsea Vowel landed their spaceship at McGill for a live show of their podcast Métis in Space in February. They are self-described as "unapologetically Indigenous, unabashedly female & unblinkingly nerdy". Their podcast reviews a sci-fi movie or television episode featuring Indigenous people, tropes and themes from a decolonial perspective. At McGill, we watched the 8th episode of Season 1 of Star Trek: Discovery, where "The USS Discovery is tasked with a high priority mission to planet Pahvo and learn the science behind the Klingons' cloaking technology." Chelsea and Molly gave some insightful commentary on the Indigenous tropes that came up in the plot.  Have a listen to Season 4, Episode 7 of otipêyimsiw-iskwêwak kihci-kîsikohk, Métis in Space, Molly and Chelsea give Star Trek yet another chance to "do Indigeneity right".

Spoiler alert! They got it oh, so wrong...