Operational Constraints Fall 2023

Published: 30 August 2023

Dear members of the Macdonald Campus community,

As we transition from summer to a new academic year, I would like to warmly welcome new and returning Macdonald Campus community members and wish you all a good start to the fall term.

As instructors and students prepare for the start of classes, I must regretfully inform you that, due to unexpected construction-related issues, the following Macdonald Campus classrooms are temporarily inaccessible: R1-042, R4-045, R4-046/048, R4-047.

Since being advised of the situation by McGill's Facilities and Ancillary Services (FMAS) last Thursday afternoon, the Faculty has established a task force, led by Associate Dean Valérie Orsat and Acting Building Director Youssef Chebli, that is working diligently to find suitable alternate classroom spaces. We expect that this rescheduling will affect not only courses held in the above-mentioned rooms but other courses as well. Further details will be provided via email tomorrow, Tuesday afternoon, once the updated classroom locations have been posted on Minerva. FMAS will also provide more detailed information on the decision-making process that has led to the classroom closures, as well as an anticipated timeline for their reinstatement, in the coming days.

As the Faculty Lounge and the CINE boardroom will be used as classrooms this semester, these spaces have been removed from the Room Booking webpage used for meetings and events. We are currently identifying alternate spaces for meetings and events that have been booked in these spaces. More information will be provided on these alternatives once arrangements have been finalized.

In the interim, the following individuals would be happy to provide additional information if need be:

Building Operationsyoussef.chebli [at] (Youssef Chebli)

Instructorsalice.cherestes [at]>">Alice Cherestes

Meeting Roomskathy.maclean [at] (Kathy MacLean)

I appreciate your understanding and flexibility as we navigate this situation. I look forward to another inspiring year at Macdonald Campus and wish to remind you that, despite these unexpected logistical complications, we remain in this together, adapting and growing amidst changes and challenges.



Anja Geitmann, Dean AES

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