Nuné Melik: Hidden Treasures Projects


Published: 8Dec2017

After several years of research into Armenian music, violinist Nuné Melik, a doctoral student at the Schulich School of Music, is making waves with her debut album Hidden Treasure: Classical Armenian Music for Violin and Piano. Born in Siberia, Melik has Armenian, Georgian and Jewish roots. After her move to Montreal in 2009, she began to explore the music of composers from her upbringing in her fight for inclusivity in classical music, "recording not what she knows will make her famous, but what she believes needs to be heard." (McGill Tribune) As described in an interview with Ludwig Van Toronto, Melik "went to the Composers’ Union in Armenia, [where they gave her] access to some scary and very dusty places" in her search for little-known sheet music. Here, she not only looked at scores, but met with composers to achieve her goal of popularizing the cultural heritage and music of the Caucasus's to both Western European and North American audiences. 

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