Novel, dual-targeted small molecule inhibitor of PKC and Aurora A kinase against cancer


Published: 10Oct2019

Invention 14075

Novel, dual-targeted small molecule inhibitor of PKC and Aurora A kinase against cancer


A small molecule inhibitor of protein kinase c and aurora a kinase in cancer models has been produced at McGill University.


Market Need

In cancer progression, tumors alter a number of cellular functions such as mobility, cell death, and proliferation. Two proteins that are commonly associated with some of these cellular pathways in tumor progression are aurora A kinase and protein kinase C. Aurora A kinase controls cell cycle progression and mitosis by interacting with different proteins. Protein kinase C regulates multiple features of tumor growth, including proliferation, survival, differentiation, and motility. Since even combination therapy often develops drug resistance, there is a great need for an inhibitor that targets multiple pathways.


Technology Summary

This technology is a small molecule inhibitor that is able to selectively target both Protein kinase C and Aurora A kinase in low nanomolar ranges. In pre-clinical studies, this inhibitor was found to have broad in vitro anti-proliferative and anti-invasive activities in human and mouse cancer models. These orally available molecules have proven effective in breast, pancreatic, and renal cancer models. Based on genome-wide profiling studies and functional assays, this drug has also been shown to have a unique mechanism affecting cancer cell differentiation.



  • Molecules are oral therapeutic agents
  • Target 2 common metastatic kinases
  • Could be good for combination therapy since it has a unique mechanism affecting cancer cell differentiation


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