New Digital Research Services Team and Website


Published: 30Mar2021

McGill’s researchers are increasingly reliant on the production, sharing and management of large amounts of data to generate knowledge. Regardless of the research discipline, scope and scale of the research activities, or technological proficiency, access to digital infrastructure has become a fundamental need. As a result, there is a growing need at the University that researchers are supported in the three pillars of digital research infrastructure: Research Data Management (RDM), Advanced Research Computing (ARC), and Research Software (RS).

To this end, a new Digital Research Services (DRS) team has been established and a website launched to help provide McGill’s researchers with guidance and advice on the available services and infrastructure they can access to conduct leading-edge research and innovation across all disciplines.

"This new team at McGill will help the research community acquire, develop and implement software that are secure, thereby reducing the overall security risk for McGill,” says Marc Denoncourt, McGill’s Chief Information Officer. “Their work will also promote the partnership between researchers and ITS, increasing access to IT services and best practices.’’

The team will provide services directly to the McGill research community, including advising on granting agencies directives for grant applications, assistance in accessing computing and storage resources, as well as advice on data management and research software development. DRS is a joint effort by Research and Innovation, Libraries, and IT Services.

The newly launched website will promote McGill’s digital resource infrastructure ecosystem, inform the community about the tools and technologies available to them and provide information on their use.

“Understanding new tools and technologies can be daunting,” says Marc Rousseau, Director, Research Software. “DRS will assist researchers to navigate the digital research resources at McGill, giving them more time to focus on their work.”

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