Negotiation update: SEU Trades & Powerhouse - Downtown and Macdonald Campus


Published: 29Mar2021

Since the last update on July 7th, SEU Union representatives for Trades and Powerhouse / Macdonald and Downtown campuses and University representatives met 20 times.

During these meetings the parties were able to discuss all of the non-monetary elements being debated in this negotiation. Several topics were the object of agreements. Among others, the parties agreed to modify language relative to: Definitions of Terms, Discrimination and Harassment, Sick and Personal Leaves, Hours of Work and Overtime Accumulation. The parties discussed and exchanged several proposals concerning the role and responsibilities of the lead hand along with associated selection process and were not able, at this time, to reach an agreement. The parties also discussed the grievance and arbitration procedures without yet agreeing on modifications to the articles related to this matter.

The parties initiated in March the discussions relative to the monetary elements of the negotiations. The union representatives presented and explained in detail their monetary proposals. The employer representatives presented the structure in which they wish to debate the monetary elements and, more specifically, in which framework the salary discussion could evolve. The parties are in the early stage of these monetary discussions and more meetings are scheduled on a weekly basis throughout the months of March and April.

This update is meant to inform the community about ongoing negotiations and has been validated by the Union.

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