Negotiation update: SEU Trades & Powerhouse - Downtown and Macdonald Campus


Published: 29Oct2019

On September 12th, the University met with the representatives of the following three union groups: Trades (downtown), Powerhouse (downtown), and Macdonald Campus Trades and Powerhouse. These units are part of Local 800 of the Service Employees Union. Their collective agreements expired on May 31, 2019. Robert Couvrette, Associate Vice-Principal, Facilities Management and Ancillary Services, attended the meeting; he reported on the status of infrastructure projects and priorities and encouraged the Parties to conclude negotiations in continuation of positive relations between the units and the University. The negotiation committees of both Parties were in attendance for the beginning of negotiations. Each party presented its respective proposal for the modification of the collective agreements.

The parties also met on October 8 and 21 to begin discussions on their respective proposals. They were able to agree on amendments to certain definitions, to the clause on Harassment Discrimination and to the clause on Printing and Distribution of the collective agreement. Discussions also took place regarding work uniforms, safety shoes and Union’s bulletin boards; further exchanges will be necessary before reaching an agreement on these subjects.

The Parties agreed upon the negotiation procedure and to joint communications to inform the community of the process. They then agreed to meeting dates from now through December 2019.

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