Negotiation Update: AMURE (Research Associates/Assistants)


Published: 13Jul2017

On June 26, the parties met for a full day in the presence of a Conciliator appointed by the Ministry of Labour. As a follow-up to previous meetings, McGill presented aggregate information on 2016-17 hours worked by a group of casual research assistants. In previous meetings the Union had requested details on the contracts and hours worked of 32 casual research assistants.

The presentation of this information led to discussions between the parties and a proposal was made by the Union. The parties also discussed working hours, the posting and granting of assignments, probationary periods and availability lists.

Toward the end of the day, the Union presented a global proposal on all pending items, including monetary and non-monetary issues. The University requested time to assess this proposal, and the parties agreed to an initial reply date of July 24, which was then rescheduled to later in the summer due to agenda constraints. The Conciliator will reconvene the parties at a later date.

This update is meant to inform the community about ongoing negotiations and has been validated by the Union.

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