Modification to UpToDate landing page over EZproxy


Published: 28Jan2021

In order to provide users with an integrated CME (Continuing Medical Education) option as well as ensuring the latest security for our proxy server access, McGill and UpToDate will be slightly modifying the landing page for UpToDate via EZproxy starting on February 1, 2021.

The first time you access UpToDate via EZproxy after February 1, you will be presented with a request to either create an account or log into your existing UpToDate account. If you already have an UpToDate account, you can log in and benefit from 90 days of authenticated off-campus access without having to reauthenticate. (You will be prompted to login every 90 days.)

If you wish to create an account with UpToDate, you may proceed to do so from this page. However, should you prefer to search UpToDate without creating an account or logging in to an existing account, you can bypass this prompt by clicking the link “Continue with your search”.

Questions? Please contact collections.library [at]

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