Minister Lebouthillier Announces Consultations with Charities to Clarify the Rules for their Participation in Political Activities


The Government of Canada recognizes that charitable organizations are valuable contributors to public debate and public policy, which is why the Government has made a commitment to clarify the rules that govern their participation in political activities. It is important that charities be allowed to bring their vast experience-whether in relieving poverty, fighting drug addiction, protecting the environment, or advancing education-to the formulation of public policy and the continuing well-being of Canada and Canadians.

Minister Lebouthillier has established a consultation panel consisting of five individuals with expertise in the regulatory issues facing charities. These panel members are:

Marlene Deboisbriand, Vice-President of Member Services at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada: 
Master's of Management (McGill University) through the McGill-McConnell Program

Shari Austin, Principal Consultant at Shari Austin & Company
Master's in Practicing Management from McGill University, LL.B from the University of Ottawa, B.A. (Hons) from the University of Toronto majoring in Political Philosophy