Mikaela Stiver won an Innovations Program Grant from the American Association for Anatomy.

Published: 26 January 2022

Picture of Mikaela Stiver

The Global Neuroanatomy Network (GNN)
Principal Investigator: Mikaela Stiver and Melissa Carroll
Amount Awarded: $50,000

The GNN aims to be an international platform where members can access and share support by exchanging expertise and curated peer-reviewed teaching resources, including a database of clinical cases developed by our core team through a lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Moreover, it aims to support global equity and accessibility in neuroanatomy education by providing educators with free, pedagogically sound resources in various formats, sizes, and languages that incorporate content that is both culturally sensitive and regionally relevant to members around the world.  See all team members here.

"On behalf of the entire Global Neuroanatomy Network (GNN) team, we are tremendously grateful for the AAA’s support through the Innovations Program," say the GNN PIs, "The idea for this initiative grew organically from an informal neuroanatomy working group that formed on Twitter, recognizing the need to create an online hub for resource and experience sharing to support neuroanatomy educators around the world. The GNN aims to complement existing AAA-funded projects — such as the Virtual Microscopy Database (VMD) and Virtual Dissection Databased (VDD) — with a specific emphasis on creating and disseminating neuroanatomy resources that are accessible and applicable to a wide range of global contexts.”

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