McGill’s Faculty of Education and Education University of Hong Kong’s initial visiting scholars exchange program proves a glowing success

Published: 18 April 2017

In partnership with the Hong Kong based WYNG Foundation, the Faculty of Education at McGill University and the Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) recently participated in a successful visiting scholars exchange program. For the first part of the exchange, Associate Professors from the Dept. of Educational and Counselling Psychology - Dr. Robert Savage and Dr. Tara Flanagan, travelled to Hong Kong where their full itineraries included delivering seminars to captivated audiences, engaging with students and colleagues within their respective fields of Literacy and Inclusive Education to discuss research, and spending an evening at a wine and cheese with McGill Alumni and WYNG Foundation’s Dr. Anthony Ng and Ms. Yan Yan Yip.

WYNG Foundation’s Dr. Anthony Ng and McGill Professors Dr. Robert Savage and Dr. Tara Flanagan along with McGill alumni at a Wine and Cheese in Hong Kong 

For the second part of the exchange program the Faculty of Education warmly welcomed two Faculty from Education University of Hong Kong. Dr. Vicky Tsang – Assistant Professor in the Department of Special Education and Counselling, whose research interests include inclusive education and the development and validation of assessment instruments for students with special educational needs, and Dr. Susanna Yeung – Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology whose research interests revolve around early second language acquisition, classroom intervention for young children and detection and remediation of reading problems.

From Left: Dr. Vicky Tsang, Associate Director MIIE Dr. Fiona J Benson, Dr. Susanna Yeung, Dr. Tara Flanagan

The week began with a lunch at the Faculty Club attended by Dean Dilson Rassier, Associate Directors of McGill International Institute of Education (MIIE) Profs. Alenoush Saroyan and Dr. Fiona J Benson, and Dr. Flanagan and Dr. Savage. During the week, Dr. Tsang took the opportunity to visit Giant Steps School, and our Office of Students with Disabilities, and gave an engaging talk to students regarding inclusive education in Hong Kong’s education system. Dr. Yeung delivered an animated talk to several graduate students, and continued her collaborative research endeavor in literacy with Prof. Savage.

Dr. Vicky Tsang delivering a talk to students on Inclusive Education in Hong Kong

The result of this productive exchange program has led to collaborative research based projects in both inclusive education between Dr. Flanagan and Dr. Yeung and in literacy between Dr. Savage and Dr. Tsang. We look forward to seeing the results of these successful collaborations and future research collaborations between our Faculty of Education and the Education University of Hong Kong.

From Left: Associate Director MIIE, Prof. Alenoush Saroyan, Dr. Susanna Yeung, Dr. Vicky Tsang, Dr. Rob Savage, Dr. Tara Flanagan, Dean Dilson Rassier

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