McGill Desautels offices lead the way in Sustainable Workplace Certification

Published: 5 June 2023

Three more teams at the McGill Desautels Faculty of Management have been recognized for their exceptional commitment to sustainable workplace practices. The IT Customer Service department and the Bachelor of Commerce program have both earned Bronze Certifications, while the McGill Executive Institute earned a Silver Certification. Eleven teams across McGill University joined the Sustainable Workplace Certification program hosted by the McGill Office of Sustainability, five of which are from the Faculty of Management. These teams have been awarded for choosing more environmentally friendly and socially responsible supplies, proper waste management, promoting health and well-being, and learning more about how to make spaces more accessible to everyone.

Congratulations to the teams on this well-deserved recognition. Their achievements serve as a shining example and reinforces the Faculty’s and University’s commitment to creating a sustainable and environmentally-conscious campus community.

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