Many Women, Many Voices; Stories from McGill Collections

Published: 19 November 2018

ROAAr launched a new book, Many Women, Many Voices; Stories from McGill Collections with a fanfare, a celebration, and a successful sale by Le James Bookstore on November 8th.

Curators, activists, hockey players, students, medical illustrators, secretaries, portrait artists, and sculptors, Many Women, Many Voices celebrates the voices of women in all of those roles and many more. Shining a light on the stories of the women who have shaped McGill and Montreal, it offers illustrated vignettes from the ROAAr collections – Rare Books and Special Collections, the Osler Library of the History of Medicine, the Visual Arts Collections, and the McGill University Archives.

ROAAr has spent the past year crafting this volume of illustrated vignettes. With the help of talented book designer George Vaitkunas and a wide range of contributors including students, doctors, professors, historians, and librarians, the book celebrates women, shining a light on those who helped to shape McGill and Montreal into what they are today. This volume is an invitation to discover the stories waiting in our special collections.

Many Women, Many Voices is now available for sale on site in the McLennan Library Building, 4th floor, Rare Books and Special Collections. It is also for sale in-store and online at McGill's Le James Bookstore

Book Details:

Edited by Nathalie Cooke, Frédéric Giuliano, Christopher Lyons, Gwendolyn Owens, Jacquelyn Sundberg and Mary Yearl

ISBN 978-1-77096-224-8 (softcover) $25.95 CDN
8 x 10.5 104 pp.
Colour photographs

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