Lee Schaefer is coauthor of new book, "Conducting Practitioner Research in Physical Education and Youth Sport"


 Reflecting on Practice (Paperback) book coverLee Schaefer, of our Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education (KPE), has coauthored a new book titled Conducting Practitioner Research in Physical Education and Youth Sport, available now from Routledge. 

"There is now a widespread expectation that teachers and coaches should be reflective practitioners, an expectation written into national standards of education in many countries. This innovative book introduces the methods by which teachers and coaches can conduct research into their own professional practice and therefore become more effective reflective practitioners, improving their students’ learning as a result. (Routledge)"

In the only book on practitioner research focusing on the challenges of working in a physical education or youth sport environment, the authors use practical examples to guide the reader through the research process. Examining the what, why and how of four key research methods (action research, narrative enquiry, autoethnography and self-study), the publication provides an expert analysis of the strengths and limitations of each method and demonstrates how conducting reflective research can produce tangible results in improving both teaching and learning. The book is a great resource for those interested in improving their professional development as students, practitioners or researchers of physical education and youth sport.

Lee Schaefer is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education at McGill University, Canada. His areas of specialization include physical education pedagogy, Indigenous youth and wellness, early career teacher attrition, the role of the outdoors in increased physical activity and narrative inquiry.

Coauthors include Ashley Casey (Loughborough University, UK), Tim Fletcher (Brock University), and Doug Gleddie (University of Alberta).

[Conducting Practitioner Research in Physical Education and Youth Sport, Routledge Publishers: CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group]