Laura Pavelka awarded the 2017 McGill Principal’s Prize for Excellence in Teaching


Published: 26Sep2017

The Principal’s Prize for Excellence in Teaching was established in 2000 to recognize excellence in teaching and its importance to the academic experience of students at McGill University. Traditionally awarded at Fall Convocation, awardees are named at the ranks of Faculty Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Full Professor. Laura is the 2017 recipient at the rank of Faculty Lecturer. Past winners can be viewed here (link 1), including Chemistry Department faculty Ariel Fenster (2013), Paul Wiseman (2007), Hanadi Sleiman (2002), and David Harpp (2001).

Laura has demonstrated great thoughtfulness in her teaching, including the development of new course materials and videos, the involvement of Tomlinson undergraduate course mentors (TEAM), the co-founding of FRezCa (link 2) and SciCram (link 3), the integration of various learning technologies, and laboratory curriculum improvements. She is also an enthusiastic and dedicated lecturer with consistently high student ratings in both General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry courses.

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