Launch of the McGill Business Law Platform

Published: 5 November 2021

The Faculty of Law is happy to announce the launch of its new website: the McGill Business Law Platform. Guided by Professor Peer Zumbansen, inaugural incumbent of the Professorship in Business Law, the site will act as a hub of excellence in national, international, and transnational business law.

The Platform offers McGill students and guest writers the opportunity to explore business law questions through a blog called the Business Law Meter.

The Platform also houses content from the Seminars on Business and Society, an international speaker series that brings together legal practitioners and academics to explore some of the most pressing challenges in business law today.

Finally, the Platform highlights the work of our faculty members and network of talented business law alumni who generously share their knowledge and expertise with our student body.

“As we look to McGill’s third century, our Faculty of Law has a clear plan to build on our integrated program and international connections, strengthening an area that will be critical to future legal practice and social progress”, noted Dean Robert Leckey. “Professor Zumbansen’s Business Law Platform is an important piece that will showcase and examine issues at the intersection of business and society.”

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