Job Posting: Assistant Postgraduate Residency Program Director in Family Medicine


Published: 6May2019

Job Description

The initial mandate is for four years, subject to renewal thereafter. The time commitment is for the equivalent of 1.5 days (0.3 FTE) per week but is variable throughout the year.


  1. A physician in clinical practice in one of McGill’s GMF-Us
  2. An active member of the College of Family Physicians of Canada
  3. Experience in medical education at the Postgraduate or Undergraduate level
  4. Possession of a full unrestricted license from the Collège des Médecins du Québec as well as full clinical privileges in a health establishment

The duties of the Assistant Program Director include:

  1. To assist the Family Medicine Postgraduate Program Director in the management of the program, with particular attention to two areas: Curriculum Development and Program Evaluation.
  2. To work with the Family Medicine Postgraduate Program Director and the nine site education directors to ensure the continued improvement of the competency-based curriculum. This would include:
    a) The harmonization of our clinical and academic curricula across the sites to ensure an equivalent exposure to learning opportunities and to ensure that it complies with the Triple C curriculum.
    b) Maintaining /updating as needed the Learning Objectives and Teaching Methods (“Curriculum Mapping“) to ensure that these align with the CFPC Evaluation Objectives.
    c) Working with the Assistant Program Director for Assessment and Evaluation to determine methods of assessing competency (e.g. Entrustable Professional Activities, Benchmarks, standardized testing, and/ or other testing modalities)
    d) Working with the exam committee chair to ensure that the practice exam content aligns with the 2-year curriculum
  3.  To attend and chair all meetings of the Curriculum Committee.
  4. To attend the Postgraduate Education Committee meetings as a voting member, and to replace the Program Director as chair in his or her absence.
  5. To attend the Competency Committee meetings, and to chair the meeting in the absence of the Assistant Program Director for Assessment and Evaluation.
  6. To attend other appropriate meetings.
  7. To attend the Family Medicine Forum and any relevant national program directors’ meetings organized by the College of Family Physicians of Canada and to communicate with other curriculum leads in other Canadian universities, and particularly in other Quebec universities.
  8. To communicate with other curriculum planners within the Faculty of Medicine of McGill University.
  9. To participate in all activities of the Postgraduate Education Committee, such as the CaRMS match and accreditation activities.
  10. To report to the Postgraduate Program Director, and through the Postgraduate Program Director to the Associate Dean for Postgraduate Medical Education and the Chair of the Department of Family Medicine.
  11. To fulfill other duties as determined by the Postgraduate Program Director and the Postgraduate Education Committee.

Interested individuals should send their letter of intent and curriculum vitae to acad-hr.fammed [at] (Rosa Coppola), Academic Affairs Advisor.

Application Deadline: May 31, 2019