ISID releases a new policy brief on deforestation in South America

Published: 13 September 2017

ISID is pleased to announce the release of a policy brief entitled "To eliminate deforestation in South America, reduce differences in regulations across regions and actors".  This brief was authored by R.D. Garrett, E.F. Lambin, and Y. le Polain de Waroux. It draws on key findings from three papers: “Conditions influencing the adoption of effective anti-deforestation policies in South America’s commodity frontiers”, “Land use policies and corporate investments in agriculture in the Gran Chaco”, and “The restructuring of South American soy and beef production and trade under changing environmental regulations”. The research was conducted at Stanford University and Boston University.

This brief is the first in a new series intended to promote research carried out at the Institute for the Study of International Development.

Read about it here!

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