Invitation to join the CHRLP Forum – A reading group on Power, Mobilization & Change


Published: 15Sep2020

Inspired by the fabled meeting place in ancient Rome, the Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism (CHRLP) Forum is founded on the principles of inclusive citizenship and deliberative democracy. The Forum aspires to create a space for learning from the past, deliberating about the present, and building a common future together.

See below on how to join this new reading group.

The rise of populism and divisive political agendas

The rise of populism and native nationalism, along with increasing income and wealth inequality, have created a deep fault line within and across societies. Even the COVID-19 pandemic has been appropriated by populist demagogues to appeal to partisan interests and divisive political agendas.

Amidst these troubling trends, there is also a renewal of citizens’ and civic movements across the globe.

An empowered digital society

The revolution in communication technologies has kindled a deep sense of solidarity, and empowered a digital civil society, seamlessly connecting socio-political movements around the world.

These movements are driven by profound moral outrage and disillusionment with the state, and by societal failure to deliver on the promise of dignity and equality for all; a commitment made 72 years ago by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

There is a palpable sense of urgency for redressing the wrongs of the past, and for building a more just and sustainable future.

An invitation to engage

We invite students, practitioners and scholars to participate in a discussion group that seeks to bring together a diverse group of individuals to engage with processes and pathways to social change.

The CHRLP Forum aims to unpack the process of change and the effectiveness of various strategies such as protest, democratic mobilization, and transnational activism.

The CHRLP Forum seeks to foster a conversation on social change from a multitude of perspectives. The goal is to create an inclusive and collegial space in which participants can deliberate over different theories of change and ideas of justice together, with respect and dignity.

Individuals, practitioners and scholars, student-run clubs, and academic journals are invited to participate in the planning of sessions and to submit blog posts for publication on the CHRLP website.

Do you have an issue you would like to discuss, or an upcoming article you would like to publicize? Email it to human.rights [at] with a statement of intent, list of readings, and suggested discussion questions. Readings should not exceed 20 pages.

Students should be prepared to lead their proposed session after confirmation from the CHRLP.

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