Interview with Physics Professor Victoria Kaspi in Nature

Published: 18 December 2023

In a new interview with Nature, Physics Professor and Shaw laureate Victoria Kaspi reflects on the inaugural Hong Kong Laureate Forum and how researchers can foster communication across different generations of scientists. 

What was the most common question students asked at panel discussions?

There were a lot of conversations about how the Shaw laureates made their big breakthroughs. The key point was that you really have to work at a problem for a long time and not expect instant results. Not every publication has to be a big breakthrough. Often, advances are incremental. I’m candid about the challenges and self-doubt I’ve experienced, thinking, ‘Am I really good enough? Can I really do this?’ I was impressed to hear many of the other Shaw laureates saying the same thing. Maybe winning the Shaw prize gives you the confidence to share your lack of confidence.

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