Interprofessional Global Health Course with a Focus on Decolonization


Published: 10Dec2020

Are you passionate about Global Health? Do you want to learn more about humanitarian health, policy in health systems and how to advocate for health equity, amongst other topics? Are you looking for a way to effectively engage in global health efforts in an interprofessional manner in this new COVID-19 era? The Interprofessional Global Health Course (IPGHC) is perfect for you!

Started in 2007, the IPGHC is a student-led initiative created for students seeking to enhance Global Health content in their professional curricula at McGill University. This course includes lectures given by prominent scholars in their fields, panel discussions and interactive activities. This year’s edition of the course will explore strategies to decolonize Global Health in an interprofessional effort, in both local and international settings.


The course will take place online every Tuesday from 6-8 PM starting January 12, 2021.

Registration for the IPGHC is now open, make sure to join us and learn more about Global Health! Register Here:

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