International travel quarantine reminder


Published: 2Dec2020

Consistent with McGill’s objective to prepare for increased on-campus activity in Fall 2021, the University will progressively ramp up operations over the summer, while respecting public health directives. Employees who have been working from home will gradually return to onsite work once their immediate supervisor asks them to do so, based on the schedule laid out in the Return to Campus section of McGill’s Coronavirus website.

Despite government travel advisories against non-essential travel, some employees may choose to travel internationally during their vacation. This situation raises the question of how staff should manage quarantine when they are expected to be on campus when their vacation time is over. Although exemptions to the 14-day quarantine are now available for eligible fully vaccinated travelers to Canada, even fully vaccinated travelers are required to have a 14-day quarantine plan in place in case the government does not accept their vaccination status or they test positive upon arrival in Canada.

When requesting time off for international travel, McGill employees must take into account the time for quarantine, such that they are available to return to campus immediately following their vacation if required to do so by their supervisor. Therefore, employees planning to travel internationally must discuss their quarantine plans with their supervisor to reach agreement before the vacation period begins. Supervisors are asked to be as flexible as possible with employees, while continuing to prioritize operational requirements.

  • Providing that their supervisor has approved the total period of vacation, employees who can carry out their work from home during their planned quarantine period may do so only if their presence on campus is not required during that period. For example, providing it is operationally feasible, during the period of progressive return to campus an employee could be authorized to work from home during their quarantine period, and to increase their on-campus presence in the following weeks.
  • Employees whose presence is required on campus during their quarantine may use vacation days, personal days or other accumulated time off until the end of the quarantine period.
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