International travel quarantine reminder


Published: 2Dec2020

Consistent with McGill’s objective to prepare for increased on-campus activity in 2021, the University aims to progressively resume normal operations on campus as soon as possible, while respecting public health directives. To this end, if health directives allow, starting in January, employees will be asked to begin to return gradually to campus. Employees must therefore plan to be available to return to campus as soon as they are asked to do so by their immediate supervisor.

Despite government recommendations to the contrary, some staff may choose to travel internationally during the upcoming holiday vacation period. We wish to remind staff that the federal government continues to advise against non-essential travel outside of Canada, and that McGill has maintained the moratorium on business travel for the University. The federal government further advises that there are no plans to offer additional repatriation flights should international transportation options be reduced significantly, which could make it difficult to return to Canada.

McGill employees who intend to leave the country over the holidays must take into consideration that, upon their return to Canada, the federal government’s 14-day quarantine requirement must be respected. When requesting time off for international travel, employees must take into account the time for quarantine, such that they are available to return to campus immediately following their vacation if required to do so by their supervisor.

Providing that their supervisor has approved the total period of vacation, employees who can carry out their work from home during their planned quarantine period may do so only if their presence on campus is not required during that period. Employees whose presence is required on campus during their quarantine may use vacation days, personal days or other accumulated time off until the end of the quarantine period. Supervisors are asked to be as flexible as possible with employees, while continuing to prioritize operational requirements.

For more information about working during the pandemic, please consult the HR COVID FAQs.

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