International Masters for Health Leadership prepares health care workers for leadership in clinical environment

Published: 20 October 2023

From drug delivery to patient treatment, the healthcare sector contributes significantly to economic activity, but there are unique dynamics to managing people in a clinical setting. “Just as we expect clinicians to appreciate the daily work of healthcare managers, we need managerial leaders to grasp the clinician’s perspective,” says Leslie Breitner in an interview with Forbes. The Academic Director of McGill’s International Masters for Health Leadership (IMHL) views the program as working toward a more efficient, accountable system that can leverage business acumen. “Healthcare facilities and medical schools now appreciate the value of teaching solid managerial skills.”

International Masters for Health Leadership

Developing management and leadership skills for healthcare around the globe

Beyond the Masters of Management degree, the International Masters for Health Leadership (IMHL) program is designed for experienced working professionals in all areas of healthcare, including clinicians and senior managers from different health sectors. Our participants come from all regions of the world and from various organizations (hospitals, community care, public health, government, pharma and more).

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