How do Infrastructure Costs affect Housing Affordability? | Policy Magazine

Published: 7 May 2024

May 2, 2024 | In Policy Magazine’s Emerging Voices series each year, Max Bell School MPPs are asked to write articles on issues important to them. In the fourth article for 2024, Ian Lupton explains the need for a Canadian National Infrastructure Assessment for strengthening the nation’s housing crisis, by supporting a broad range of economic, social and environmental policy objectives. Ian has experience in legislative, provincial, and municipal governments in Canada and the US, and is passionate about utilizing public policy to enhance citizens' daily lives. 

“A robust assessment of infrastructure needs promotes transparency and accountability across governments.  The Assessment would be based on comprehensive public data, clear evaluation criteria and analysis.  Decision making processes would be open.  Documentation and regular reporting would enable public scrutiny.  Governments will always consider the political economy of spending; however, a National Infrastructure Assessment and an independent advisory committee could help curb the most extreme of these impulses.” 

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