How the COVID-19 pandemic lowered life expectancy in Canada last year - CBC, June 11, 2021


Published: 17Jun2021

Dr. Timothy Evans, Inaugural Director and Associate Dean at the School of Population and Global Health and Executive Director of Canada's COVID-19 Immunity Task Force Secretariat is among the experts quoted by CBC.

"…Quebec, which accounted for more than half of Canada's COVID-19 deaths last year, had a decrease in life expectancy of about 10 months — twice as much as the rest of the country. "This corresponds with the crisis we saw in the long term care facilities," said Tim Evans, director of the School of Population and Global Health at McGill University and executive director of the COVID-19 Immunity Task Force. "They were understaffed, they were under-equipped to deal with this," he said, qualifying the death toll in these homes as "very, very, very high."

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