Housing is a growing hurdle to fleeing domestic violence | Montreal Gazette

Published: 1 December 2022

November 24, 2022 | Fourteen women have been killed by an intimate partner in Quebec so far this year. Shame, stigma and manipulation from controlling spouse are barriers as formidable as they are complex. Housing has long been overlooked as a hurdle to fleeing domestic violence, but as prices soar, it has become even more of a barrier. 

“Conjugal violence shapes housing insecurity. Poverty and other socioeconomic factors, as well as structural and systemic factors, propagate violence and create obstacles to finding adequate housing,” the paper states. “We do believe that the time has come to establish the necessary policy foundations for a rights-based approach in Quebec.” Professor Pearl Eliadis, one of the report's authors, explained. Economic factors tied to inflation add to the physical and emotional burdens of women trying to escape abusive relationships. It's time for Quebec to recognize how closely linked the tragedies of domestic violence and housing prices are and make addressing them a priority.

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Read the report "Law Reform Opportunities in Quebec for Women Experiencing Intimate Partner Violence Report"

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