Hoodie contest winners - Cybersecurity awareness month


Published: 2Dec2020

Congratulations to Gavin Goodwin and Zéphir Lorne, the two lucky winners of the “Stay sharp to stay safe” contest! Each will receive a McGill hoodie. 

331 students and staff participated in the contest by completing our cybersecurity awareness quiz, with 90% earning the minimum score to be entered in the draw for the hoodies. 


Which questions gave people the most trouble?  

  1.  “Which of the following provides the most protection against malware?” (Answer: Updates) 

a). Updates 

b). Keyloggers 

c). Encryption 

Updates to operating systems, browsers, and plugins are often released to address security vulnerabilities that malware can exploit. Be sure to install these once they become available. 

See the IT Knowledge Base article Stay safe online for guidelines on keeping your data and computer's system safe when using the Internet. 

  1.  “Which of the following is an example of a strong and memorable password?”  (Answer: the-sound-of-rain-on-the-windowsill) 

a). the-sound-of-rain-on-the-windowsill 

b). P@ssword 

c). f0R3$+ 

Passwords should be long and strong while being memorable. To create a strong yet memorable password, you can use multiple words to create a passphrase. 

See Strong passwords – guidelines for tips on choosing a strong password. 


Wondering if you could have passed? It’s too late for you to win the hoodie, but not to test yourself on the quiz

And don’t forget you can always find the answers in our IT Security Awareness training – open to all at McGill.   


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