Graduating Student Awards Recipients, 2019-2020


Published: 18Jun2020

The IGSF is proud to recognize the following GSFS students who were the recipients of graduating student awards in the 2019-2020 academic year.

Honourable Sheila Finestone Award in Women's Studies (IGSF) to an outstanding undergraduate student studying in the field of GSFS who are involved in community activities and who work for the recognition of women’s rights as human rights.

  • Yasmina Male, Major Concentration in GSFS

Peta Tancred Prize (IGSF) to the graduating student earning the highest CGPA in a Major Concentration, Honours or Joint Honours Program in GSFS.

  • Mohammed Odusanya, Joint Honours Component in GSFS


Princes of Wales Gold Medal for Mental and Moral Philosophy

  • Caroline Monahan, Minor Concentration in GSFS

Norman Berman Memorial Prize (Jewish Studies). An annual prize for excellence in the field of Judaic Studies.

  • Hana Abramson, Minor Concentration in GSFS

Guy Drummond Fellowships in Political Science

  • Kate Marr-Laing, Joint Honours Component in GSFS

W.O. Judkins Memorial Prizes in Art History

  • Mohammed Odusanya, Joint Honours Component in GSFS




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