The Future of Hydrogen as an Energy Source?


Published: 6Oct2020

One of most active research areas nowadays is the use of solar energy to produce hydrogen by so-called “water-splitting” reactions. Dr. Butler has co-authored with colleagues from the U.K. and Pakistan a comprehensive review on this topic entitled “Recent Developments and Perspectives in CdS-based Photocatalysts for Water Splitting”. This review examines recent work in attempts to improve the photocatalytic efficiency and stability of CdS for H2 production from water Journal of Materials A, in press (2020). Dr. Butler has also been busy for the past two years co-authoring several other wide-ranging review articles with colleagues at McGill (Dr. Scott Bohle) and throughout the world on “An Overview of the Potential Therapeutic Applications of Carbon Monoxide and CO-Releasing Molecules (CORMs)” (Bioinorganic Chemistry & Applications), “Photoactivated Platinum-based Anticancer Drugs” (Coordination Chemistry Reviews), “Preparation and Characterization of Infrared Emission Spectroscopy and Applications of New Mineral-based Composite Materials of Biomedical Interest” (Applied Spectroscopy Reviews), “Catalytic Conversion of 5-Hydroxymethylfural to Some Valued-added Derivatives” (Green Chemistry), and “The Potential of Zeolites to Block the Uptake of Radioactive Strontium-90 in Organisms” (Contemporary Chemistry).

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