Francisco Ruge-Murcia recipient of the 2017 Bank of Canada Fellowship Award


Published: 10Jul2019

Professor Francisco Ruge-Murcia has won the prestigious Bank of Canada Fellowship Award. As the Bank’s press release says: "The Fellowship Award provides financial support to leading academics who are widely recognized for their expertise and excellence in areas important to the Bank’s core functions, and whose research contributes to the development of knowledge and research capabilities in those areas. The Fellowship Award provides annual funding of up to $90,000 for a term of up to five years, and recipients are professors in tenure or tenure-track positions at Canadian universities.

Bank of Canada Governor Stephen S. Poloz is quoted in the press release: “I am pleased to recognize, through this year’s Fellowship Award, Professor Ruge-Murcia’s remarkable capacity for bringing state-of-the-art research methods to bear on topics of direct interest to the Bank. His record of academic excellence is remarkable, and I look forward to his continued high-quality and innovative work in the years ahead.”

Professor Ruge-Murcia is the second member of the Department to win this award. Professor Jean-Marie Dufour was a Bank Fellow from 2007-11 and then again from 2012-16.

More information is available here.