Floor-based vibration feedback for information display


Published: 12Aug2020

Invention 09013

Floor-based vibration feedback for information display


Interaction with a floor-based haptic vibration feedback interface with applications in foot-control devices and public safety measures for the visually impaired.


Market Need

Mobile and wearable devices are currently dominated by wrist and hand-held options. Public use interfaces and hands-free situations, however, require a new approach. In recent years, much research has been performed on how individuals respond to different forms of vibration communication. Feet, in particular, have received a lot of attention because of the possibility for interaction and the ability to put an interactive piece of equipment in one immovable spot. For example, in the automobile industry, acceleration pedals have already been developed with haptic vibration feedback systems for assistance with distance control.


Technology Summary

Unlike other floor-based vibration systems, this technology is a novel interactive system designed to provide vibrotactile stimulation to the feet in response to walking or standing on vibrating tiles. In public spaces this could allow sidewalks or bus platforms to have vibration alerts for the visually impaired, with linked optional auditory or visual signals for general use. In a work setting the system and device could be programmed with input/output functions in hands-free situations. Simulation of walking on different ground textures such as snow or sand is also possible, enhancing virtual reality experiences or training exercises.



  • Ability to produce a perceptually convincing impression of a virtual ground material underfoot
  • Opportunity to deliver information by vibration feedback in public spaces
  • Simple integration with a novel system allows a variety of output signals based on user input
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