Experts: Ukrainian airplane crashes near Iran’s capital, killing 176 passengers

Published: 8 January 2020

The Ukraine International Airlines jet, Flight PS752, hurtled into farmland outside of Tehran only minutes after taking off from the capital’s main international airport on Wednesday morning. Fifty-seven Canadians were among the 176 people killed when a Ukrainian passenger plane crashed near Iran’s capital only minutes after takeoff. (CTV News)

Here are some experts from McGill University that can provide comment on this issue:

Frédéric Mégret, Full Professor, Faculty of Law

The downing of the Ukraine International Airlines flight raises a host of questions about responsibility. Who is to blame? What might the recourses of families impacted by the tragedy be? What kind of compensation might they be owed?

Frédéric Mégret is a Full Professor in the Faculty of Law and a William Dawson Scholar. He held the Canada Research Chair on the Law of Human Rights and Legal Pluralism from 2006 to 2015. He has a long-term interest in developing theories about the nature and history of international criminal justice.

frederic.megret [at] (English, French)

John Gradek, Faculty Lecturer, School of Continuing Studies

“The Ukrainian airliner crash in Tehran raises many questions about the Boeing B737 and can only be answered with unfettered access to both the flight recorders and the crash site. It is incumbent on Iranian aviation authorities to cooperate in the investigation.”

John Gradek is lecturing in the Diploma program in Integrated Aviation Management as well as in both the certificate and diploma programs of Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Operations Management. He has held senior roles at Air Canada in operations, marketing and planning and has worked in the development and the delivery of commercial airline management programs for the International Aviation Management Training Institute.

john.gradek [at] (English, French)

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