Expert: March for our Lives


Published: 23Mar2018

These McGill University experts are available to comment on a Montreal protest to show support for stricter gun laws in the US:

"Montrealers show support for U.S. youth leading movement for stricter gun laws", CBC News

Jason Opal, History and Classical Studies, McGill University

"March for our Lives is an unprecedented movement by people who are mostly too young to vote--but plenty smart enough to know that voting-as-usual wouldn't work anyway. It is an effort to disrupt the usual pattern of non-action and demand meaningful gun control by a government that is either beholden to or scared of the NRA." – Prof. Jason Opal

Professor Opal studies colonial North America, the American Revolution, and the early decades of the United States. His work tries to integrate social, cultural, and intellectual history and to shed light on such broad topics as nationalism, capitalism, and democracy.
He’s available to provide comment and analysis about The March for our Lives
jason.opal [at] (subject: March%20for%20our%20Lives) (English and French)


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