Expert: Democratic U.S. presidential nomination


Published: 5Mar2020

To avoid a contested convention and block the path of Sen. Bernie Sanders to the Democratic U.S. presidential nomination, the field of contenders needed to get smaller and the vote of Democratic moderates had to coalesce behind one candidate – in less than a week, both of those requirements have now been fulfilled. Former vice-president Joe Biden's stunning performance in the Super Tuesday primaries not only resurrected his foundering third attempt for the U.S. presidency, it has made it all the more likely that the nomination will not have to be decided on the floor of the Democratic National Convention in July. (CBC News)

Here is a McGill expert who can provide on this issue:

Barry Eidlin, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology

After Super Tuesday, Joe Biden has reclaimed his status as the front-runner for the Democratic Party nomination. While Biden benefited from the other moderate candidates dropping out to rally around him, he will now face greater scrutiny as the race narrows to two candidates. Going forward, the race has boiled down to a clear contest between the Democratic Party establishment and its progressive/democratic socialist left wing. At this point the establishment wing has the upper hand, but if the past few weeks have shown anything, it’s that the situation on the ground can shift rapidly.”

Barry Eidlin is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology. As a comparative historical sociologist, his research explores the changing relationship between social mobilization, political processes, and ideology in advanced capitalist democracies.

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