Expansion of gender-inclusive washrooms

Published: 22 January 2024

Facilities Management and Ancillary Services recently completed the installation of new signage making single-stall washrooms on the downtown campus gender-inclusive, wherever possible. The installation of new signage for gender-inclusive single-stall washrooms at the Macdonald campus will be completed in the coming weeks.

This follows the adoption by McGill’s Joint Board-Senate Equity Diversity and Inclusion Committee, in the fall of 2023, of an amendment to the 2007 resolution on Gender-Inclusive Washrooms. The updated resolution calls for:  

  • single-stall washrooms to be designated gender-inclusive,  
  • for there to be at least one multi-stall, gender-inclusive washroom per building, and,  
  • for there to be at least one single- or multi-stall gender-inclusive washroom per floor (on floors where there is a washroom). 

An overview of the existing gender inclusive washrooms can be found online

The next steps in the implementation of the resolution include:

  • completing the transformation of single-stall washrooms where small physical modifications are required,  
  • transforming existing multi-stall washrooms,  
  • and creating new gender-inclusive multi-stall washrooms.  

Currently, there are gender-inclusive multi-stall washrooms at the Macdonald-Stewart Building, on the Macdonald campus, and at the Rutherford Building downtown. Additionally, the renovated basement of Burnside Hall that was completed at the end of 2023 includes the first large gender-inclusive multi-stall washroom on the downtown campus. 

The resolution has been integrated into the building design and signage standards at McGill and is therefore set to be implemented in all construction and renovation projects, unless certain constraints prevent its application.

For more information on the Gender-Inclusive Washroom resolution, you can email Shannon Wood (they/them), Equity Education Advisor (Gender Equity and 2S&LGBTQIA+ Education) at shannon.wood [at]

For more information on design, construction, and signage, please contact infodesignservices.fod [at]

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