Emergency laptop loans during campus shutdown


Published: 16Mar2020

Emergency Laptop Loans

In order to facilitate staff’s ability to work from home during the campus shutdown, we are making loaner laptops available to those performing necessary functions and activities from home who don’t otherwise have access to a computer. Due to limited supply, only those performing activities essential to the ongoing operation of the University will be considered. Since most IT services and systems are available via web-browser or VPN/Remote Desktop, users should be strongly encouraged to use their own home equipment wherever possible. Please see the guidelines for using personal home computers, https://www.mcgill.ca/it/work-remotely/working-remotely-checklist-considerations.

Those who require a machine, should first seek approval from either their Director, AVP or Dean and have their Director, AVP or Dean send an email to ryan.ortiz [at] mcgill.ca. Included in the email should be the name of the employee, the nature of the necessary function being performed, and the impact of it not being carried out. Approval will then be sought by IT Services from the Emergency Operations Center. If approved, IT Services will prepare the laptop and make it available for pickup at one of 4 locations on the downtown campus as well as Macdonald campus. The user receiving the laptop will need to come onsite for pick-up because they will need to log in with their McGill credentials in order to complete the setup. We will target one business day for delivery of all fully approved laptops until supplies last.


Please see the attached document Working remotely setup guide.pdf for instructions on setting up for remote work. 

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