Drs Louise Pilote, Natalie Dayan, et al. Paper selected by the editors of Hypertension as a High Impact Paper Winter 2018


Published: 3Dec2018

Congratulations to Dr Louise Pilote, Dr Natalie Dayan, et al. from Anna F. Dominiczak, MD, Editor-in-Chief, Hypertension for an outstanding contribution to Hypertension.

The editors of Hypertension established a program to recognize High Impact Papers published in the Journal in the categories of basic, clinical, and population sciences.  The paper, "Impact of Preeclampsia on Long-term Cognitive Function," by L. Pilote, N. Dayan, A Kaur, M. Elharram and A. Rossi was selected by the editors of Hypertension as a High Impact Paper for Winter 2018 in the category of Clinical Science.

High Impact papers are selected every quarter by the editors of Hypertension to draw attention to the most important research published in the journal during the preceding 3 months. Selected papers are featured on the journal website, announced to AHA members by email and shared with all Hypertension followers on social media outlets.