Dr. Olivia Tse Appointed Assistant Dean, Resident Affairs


Published: 3Dec2020

Dr. Olivia Tse, Assistant Professor in the Division of General Pediatrics, Department of Pediatrics, was recently appointed as Assistant Dean, Resident Affairs, Postgraduate Medical Education, in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

"Reporting to the Vice-Dean, Education, as Assistant Dean, Resident Affairs, Dr. Tse will be responsible for support services to residents including oversight and organization of the Wellness curriculum in PGME and the promotion of resident health initiatives. She will provide consultations to assist and enhance resident life and learning, and provide and supervise counselling to residents on academic, wellness, career and basic financial needs. She will also ensure communication of the Faculty Code of Conduct to all residents.

Dr. Tse will also act as the PGME Ombudsperson and will advise the leadership and the Faculty with respect to improvements to the medical learning environment. She will be an active member of provincial and national chapters for Resident Affairs groups and communicate regularly with the Association of Residents of McGill on issues of wellness and the learning environment. She will also work with the Assistant Dean, PGME, in developing and implementing accommodation plans for residents with disabilities."

The full announcement is available on the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences' Health e-News.

Congratulations Dr. Tse!

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