Dr. Marie-Hélène Pennestri's Words of Wisdom for the Class of 2021


Published: 14Jun2021

Winners for the Faculty of Education Distinguished Teaching Award usually accept their award onstage as part of the McGill convocation ceremonies. As the June 2021 ceremonies were done by video, this year's award recipient, Dr. Marie-Hélène Pennestri, was asked to submit a short acceptance speech addressing the Class of 2021.

The Faculty of Education Distinguished Teaching Award is bestowed to individuals for their excellence in teaching over several years, acknowledging distinguished teaching in all its forms (i.e. large lectures, seminars, tutorials, thesis, and student teacher supervision) at McGill and beyond. Dr. Pennestri has been recognized for her strong contributions to student life, teaching, and supervision. An Assistant Professor in Counselling Psychology within the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology (ECP), Dr. Pennestri's research focuses on the development of the sleep-wake cycle in healthy infants and preschoolers. Her research program also focuses on more vulnerable populations, such as social pediatric, foster children, and premature birth.

This video acceptance speech initiative is a new tradition that began in 2020 and will continue annually beyond the COVID pandemic as an opportunity for McGill Education instructors to further inspire students and new graduates.

Watch Marie-Hélène's two-minute video here.


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